State Solar Plans Are As Big As All Outdoors

  Jennifer Thibodeau

ENG 112-43

 In the article State Solar Plans Are as Big as All Outdoors, by Marla Dickerson she explains how California is pushing threw the technology world for a cleaner source of energy. Plans for solar energy are emerging from several companies listed by Dickerson. Renewable energy is the plan for California going forward. With many solar projects in the works at least 80 stated by Dickerson, solar energy is California’s future.

According the the article by Dickerson there are upsides and downsides to building solar plants. The fear for some people is that solar energy and building of plants will cause more harm to the environment than will help it.

Dickerson goes on to state how California “has the largest operating collection of solar thermal facilities in the world.” As in the 80’s California again in perusing to solve the energy dilemma the state faces. “30% of the energy supplying California is coming from outside the state,” stated by Dickerson’s research. As for the investors such as Pacific Gas & Electric president Peter Darbee states “It’s imperative to seek out the most cost-effective solutions.”

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